Exam Dates and Deadlines

ICCAOM Private Examinations are admisistered two time each year at across the each country. Dates for exams are listed below. Please not that each administration will consist of ONE DAYS of testing. This will allow candidates to take exams for more than one ICCAOM program over the same administration period.

*Candidates are encouraged to FAX the IPE Center because fax machines normally provide confirmation of a succdessful transmission. The IPE may also be Fax to : 1-604-608-9200  1-209-396-3453


Final Filing Date
Fall 2014:CBT(Computer)
Written & Practical -OCT 19, 2014 OCT 12, 2014

Winter 2015:CBT

Written & practical -DEC 14, 2015 DEC 09, 2015
  Spring 2016:PBT
Written & Practical -May 24, 2016 May 15, 2016

Fall 2017:PBT

Written & Practical- DEC 20, 2017

Dec 10, 2017


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