Since the WHO (World Health Organization) officially recognized the acupuncture
as part of the medicine, it became important part of the alternative medicine.  The acupuncture has currently practiced and approved in the approx. eighty countries.  Especially the studies and clinical practices are very active in USA, China, Korea, Japan, France, England, etc.  However, most of the countries, except some of them,
do not have official curriculum or has poor academic system that can practice the acupuncture and oriental  medicine.  Therefore, many people practice the acupuncture without having an official approval on their qualification or supply the
oriental medicine after compounding a medicine.

 The purpose of ICCA is that to maintain the level of worldwide qualification for the acupuncturist and the oriental medical doctors and to substitute the certificate system at the certificate absent countries and to focus on the certificate acquisition.


 1. To evaluate a certificate to the qualified acupuncture practitioners all        over the world.

 2. To upgrade the qualification of the acupuncturists who are registered the      ICCA Private Association.

What Services Does ICCA Provide?

 1. Grant the ICCA'acupuncturist qualification of the ICCA private Association.

( This examination is operated by the ICCA΅― private International Test Center(ITC). also, This is not license , Just level evaluation certificate. The ICCA private certificate is not currently used in the states and including other countries. )

 2. Accredit the educational programs conducted by the acupuncture training      institutions and schools.

 3. Provide the examination questions or examination supervision services for the     countries or organizations operating a license exam.

 4. Provide the educational programs and seminars for raising and developing
    the acupunctural education.



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